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Pack 159 serves Cub Scouts from 1st to 5th grade generally from both Jollyville and Pond Springs Elementary Schools and the surrounding neighborhoods in Austin, Texas.

If you are interested in joining, Pack 159 typically on-boards new Cub Scouts in the Fall with our Join Scouting Night (JSN) events.  For the 2017-18 school year, they are currently scheduled for 9/5 at Jollyville and 9/7 at Pond Springs.  Expect to see neighborhood signage and school PR around this as those dates approach. However boys can join a Cub Scout Pack at any time during the year!

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Spring Scout Family Campout 2018

Posted on Mar 18 2018 - 4:24pm

Our Pack's Spring Campout scheduled for March 24th at LCRA Shaffer Bend Recreation Area is quickly approaching. 

Registration and payment are due by March 21st
NOTE: We are not registering this year via the calendar item on the pack website.  This is being done via the above Square link.
NOTE: List of confirmed attendees.

Please read the Camp Out Packet in its entirety as registration, payment, and uniform requirements have important changes. Families must register and pay by March 21st or they will not be included in the camp out roster.  There is a schedule of events and check in information included at the end of the packet. 

Arrow of Light Crossover and Blue and Gold

Posted on Feb 20 2018 - 8:35pm

February in Cub Scouting means two things.  Arrow of Light Crossover and Blue & Gold!  This year your Pack has split this up into two events, and each event looks to be better than ever!

Details around logistics for these events can be found  here.  Any questions, reach out to the organizers listed at the bottom of that document.  This is going to be great!

Arrow of Light Crossover Ceremony Location Status

Posted on Feb 17 2018 - 12:31pm

As of this posting, we are meeting for the OUTDOOR CROSSOVER CEREMONY.

Further details here.  Please check back closer to the Crossover Ceremony time on Sunday in order to make sure we are not relocating due to inclement weather.

Any questions, contact Nick Silkey at 512-751-7532.

Camp overnight this summer Cub Scout Resident Camp

Posted on Feb 9 2018 - 6:39pm

Our Capital Area Council has organized a Cub Scout Resident Camp this summer.  It promises to be a great event as it will have rank-level achievments, overnight camping at Lost Pines at Tom Wooten, and will be staffed!

If you come as a Pack, you only need to provide 2 adults/Pack.
Tiger Scouts must attend with an Adult partner.
If your Pack does not attend, you can still attend with your parent.
Swim in the pool, paddle boats on the lake, earn BB-gun & Archery Shooting Sports Awards, participate in awesome campfires and complete these rank adventures:

Tiger – My Tiger Jungle, Tiger in the Wild, Floats and Boats
Wolf – Call of the Wild, Paws on the Path, Spirit of the Water
Bear – Bear Claws, Bear Necessities, Bear Goes Fishing, Salmon Run
Webelos – Castaway, Walkabout
AOL – Castaway, Outdoorsman, Aquaknot

They are offering two weekends.  Since Scouts will be broken up by rank, it is highly encouraged that Dens to organize with their ranks on what weekend works best.  Scouting is more fun with your friends!

Register for Weekend 1, 6/22 - 6/24 or Weekend 2, 6/29 - 7/1

NOTE: Your Scout's rank as of February will not be their rank come the Summer.  Plan for the next year's rank.  When registering, we are Capital Area Council, Chisholm Trail District, Cub Scout Pack, Unit #159.  

Pinewood Derby 2018 Voting and Retrospective

Posted on Jan 17 2018 - 4:52pm

Your Pinewood Derby is in the books for 2018. We are awarding prizes to cars and Scouts as voted on by you ... the Pack!  Awards to be tabulated and awarded to Scouts at Blue and Gold.

Please review the cars and then go vote on the 'Most X Car' by EOD 2/13.  Also take time to please provide feedback to your Pack on the Pinewood Derby.

Also your Crew Chiefs have made the 2018 Derby database (sqlite) and reports (PDF, CSV) available for Pack members who are into crunching numbers and stats.

Finally if you have not contributed photos and videos to the Pack's Facebook page please do.  Lets show off those Scouts and those cars!

Pinewood Derby 2018 News

Posted on Dec 20 2017 - 3:16pm

Pinewood Derby is almost upon us, Pack 159!  

This year we have a few changes.  

We have a set of volunteers helping coordinate Pinewood Derby this year.  Your 2018 Pinewood Derby Crew Chiefs are:

Doug Messick - gt3860a@gmail.com

Ben Black - benablack@gmail.com

Chris Luton - kritter@kritter.org

Nick Silkey - nick@silkey.org


We also have a new class - the Outlaw Class.  This class allows Scouts and their friends and family to enter and race cars which fall outside of the Pinewood Derby rules - be it intentional or not!  This could be longer or heavier or modified cars.  See full rules below.  Scouts are encouraged to collaborate with parents on street legal (Friends and Family) or non-street legal (Outlaw) in addition to the car they own making for their rank-level races.


Finally we are welcoming all Scouts and Pack families to come dry-run their cars on the track the night prior to the race.  This allows for Scouts and others to observe how their car performs prior to day-of.  In order to help maximize dry-run time for the Pack, families are encouraged to volunteer to help with setup on Jan 13.  Signups are open

Have a look at the updated online 2018 rules

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